MineCrafter being chased

Hey guys.


Just thought i’d say hi.

Well not the best picture but it’s pretty great.

Oh god run away really really fast

You can outrun Creepers, right? Good posing on the Creeper, but the pose on the guy could use a little refinement.

AHHH fucking green penus’s…i fucking hate them >:C… they destroy my base

Why did this get dumbs? I really like it.

Great posing and faceposing on the miner.

well that guys kinda screwed if he gets trapped or lost in that mine with that thing.
Great pose.

Because, people rate dumb if they really really love it

Oh my god it’s Seth.

Awesome picture, also. Good job the creativity.

Oh don’t be so picky, it looked fine.

Epic, made me lol.

this is gay.

(User was banned for this post ("Why reply?" - SteveUK))

Haha, you think this is gay

no seriously this is super duper gay.

like, so gay that if i were gay i would be insulted by how blatantly homoerotic this is

creeper going creep that guy’s asshole wide open

69 Is a pretty gay number, and it’s in your name.

nothing wrong with that

spreads legs