Minecraftlike game mode

I propose that someone makes some sort of minecraft Gmod game mode.


Well…there is an entity in the toybox where you can spawn blocks, the tools are there too. There is also a number of maps. Make what you want from that, and call it a day.

2 things source cant handle that a minecraft game mode would require

  1. dynamic water, in minecraft water “flows”
  2. dynamic lighting, self explanitory



Source supports animated water and also supports dynamic lighting. Good job.

It would be interesting if Source could generate an “near-endless” world. I can imagine gm_flatgrass with Minecraft textures while there is a bit of fog so you can’t see far and the more you walk around random blocks and entities are spawned along the way.

It’s entirely possible using Lua. Move objects and change rendering.

Overv is working on one http://www.overvprojects.nl, he calls it Crafty.

Because just playing the game wasnt enough. Now I need minecraft in flatgrass.

Do yourself a favour, if you want to play minecraft. Dont open Gmod. Open minecraft. Problem solved.

it is possible but it requires alot of power and code to code say… a river flowing down a brick path, but the physics imparted by water in the game aren’t the same, IE try wateriser with an npc or a ragdoll, they fall right through, and the dynamic lighting isnt the same as MC dynamic lighting, it isnt

good idea, very good idea


With an advanced edit of most entity functions you could add a layer system (something i was experimenting with and yes it would work) so this entity is at 0 72 6 and theirs another entity at 0 72 6 but they completely ignore each other without flaw because their in different layer.

Based of this principle you could make it so an entity that goes to a boundary of lets say 2048 from map origin it gets set to -2048 and to a different layer. Then for the terrain you could use basic meshes and a script that manages the location of these ^blocks^ and whatever else data they need to hold.

Now so you can see the ^chunks^ in a distance you just use a form of offset.

X being the cell the player is in. Each could have a separate block data table or the same.

I’ve been planning a game mode that may use this concept, but at the same time their are so many other game modes and ect i would like to make.

Sorry if this post is out of place, since apparently this topic was started 3 weeks ago, but since i saw it and what he was asking I wanted to share a word of my own.

Can you spawn ragdolls in Minecraft? no.
Can you spawn balloons in Minecraft? no.
Can you get out please?

Hahahaha, why do you need ragdolls or balloons in minecraft?

Now I can pose a metrocop fucking a dirt block and upload it on to garrysmod.org as “THE BEST MOST AWESOMEST BACKROUND AVAR THAT TUK ME 200 YEARS TO COMPLET”

Now I can attach a balloon to a dirt block. Fun.