"minerva" (rebel outpost)

if you guys think it looks OK there will be more pics, if it’s generally considered not great there’s no point in adding more pics…

anyway, I’m posting this not because I’m looking to earn respect but because I’m planning on building similar structures and am after some feedback, constructive criticism, etc. on this so I can improve on it in future versions. basically, this is a small rebel outpost with living space for 10. I’m working on it for a machinima.


Not too shabby. I like it alot. Actually looks like you took time to make it look thrown together

The map doesn’t really do it justice. It sort of looks… Out of place. Know what I’m saying?

Put it in some map with, like, trees and… Ground. You know, someplace not flatgrass.

Speaking of out of place, those beds frames and whatnot are really lacking in walls and roof. They’ll get wet in the rain and rust! Something should be done about that.

Aside from that, it looks pretty nice. Something that rebels would make due to a lack of time and all that good stuff. I wonder where they got all those blast doors, though?

thanks for the advice! not a lot I can really do about the beds in this, will incorporate that into the next similar outpost. as for the blast doors: I’m just guessing there was a sale on.

oh, and I’ll get more screens tomorrow. still deciding what map.

moar nuking vid

nice, i like it, but as said above, you need some background on that SHIZ

I did nuke it a couple times… only a Gbombs big nuke can completely destroy it, and that laggs like hell. so no vid for you.

also, the image was just a general image I took when it was finished, so it’s not the best of images. and yes, it was built on flatgrass.

For some reason…I want to blow it up…

I’m really liking the overall design and that it still looks sloppily thrown together and yet it still looks like some time and attention to detail went into it.

The inside looks pretty cramped though, I’m having trouble believing you’ll fit ten guys in there.

Yeah, but 10 on a shift system? 5 sleeping (other 3 beds are out of shot) and 5 on guard duty. Otherwise one nocturnal combine attack and you’re pretty much dead.

Test Em’
DJ Larsa
War Of The Servers Soundtrack

it’s good but it just doesn’t fit the machinima genre, it’s not realistic enough.

it looks kinda like my crap shack were i serve out turds and various odditys to cats and gerbals

Foarcwald amirite?

nope, sorry. also, realistic enough? cos an alien superrace invading and being rebelled against after a transdimensional portal is closed by a mute scientist is.


yup. good song, bad timing. I listen to the war of the servers soundtrack for when I’m building for machinima. for generally building: the cult.

well, a pic of it should be up over the weekend. any map suggestions?