Minesweeper: Source

So, I missed the bus to school today and decided to get creative in GMod instead. Popped a few magical caffeine pills and an energy drink on top of that. The result? Minesweeper: Source. Well, actually, it’s just a basic client-side vgui-based minesweeper…

how i use?!?!
To start, download the .lua file. Then copy it into your garrysmod/lua directory (usually C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/<accountname>/garrysmod/garrysmod/lua). Afterwards simply write lua_openscript_cl “schemer_minesweeper.lua” and then sch_ms_play into your console. Also, here’s a tutorial on Minesweeper.

Command list.
Here’s the console command list.

** sch_ms_play* - creates a minesweeper board to play on.
** sch_ms_remove* - removes the minesweeper board.
** sch_ms_setnumcells* - sets new amount of cells (default: 9; min: 6; max: 50).
** sch_ms_setcellsize* - sets new cell size (default: 30; min: 15; max: 45).
** sch_ms_setnummines* - sets new amount of mines (default: 9; min: 6; max: 50).

PS: the code for it is an complete abomination. Just a warning.:smile:
Anyway. On my first try after completely finished coding the minigame, I got this score:
[SchemeMS] Score: 24.3 (open cells: 29; closed cells: 43; total cells: 81 mines: 9)

I dont understand why people aren’t giving him more clocks.

Internet explorer? Have you tried chrome? It’s pretty awesome bro.

But yeah, I don’t know why everyone’s giving him shit. I think I remember this being done before, but still. Check it out for yourselves before you give him shit, it may be awesome.

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I expected a lot of dumb ratings and instead got clocks. What else could you expect from Facepunch when releasing something silly like this, eh? :v:

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