MING: Legacy


Today watched TRON: Legacy again, but now on DVD. On the small screen 3d Bridges somehow seen more unnaturally than in cinema
I think only for music you can forgive anything in this movie

Wait, Legacy is out on DVD already?

Actually it’s even on Blu-ray now.

Too bad it was a shit movie :v:

Well, it’s standard eye-candy movie for entertaining

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And I think most of people go to this movie just for Daft Punk music :v:

amen to that.

Went for both.

i liked it honestly

Honestly I can not figure out who is right, cause I fell asleep right in the cinema after about 15 minutes after the start of the movie…

I watched it, it’s an alright film.

Maybe just some people expected from it too much

Are those… bathtubs in the background?