Minge Clan - [DPA] - tries to "destroy" Servers

Hello everyone,
first of all: I’m German, so please ignore misspelling :slight_smile:

This Thread should only give a warning to all server owners out there…

Today, at 17:12 central european time, a part of a Clan named [DPA] - Dark Phantom Angels joined on my HL2RP Server. (Link: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/DarkPhantomAngels)
At this Point everything was fine. After around 10 Minutes of gameplay, they’ve made a meeting at the Trainstation (Spawnpoint of my Map) to plan their “things”.
Then they continuesly called an Admin for no reason. This was the moment where these dudes are going to break all mentionable Server Rules.
I said “all”? - I mean “ALL”!
They are all lying, noone tells you the truth…
I’ve got an insider information that this Clan was doing this on much other Servers before mine. One of them made Screenshots of their Banmessages… (??)

Remember: This should just be a warning to all server owners out there!

Wish you all good Luck :slight_smile:

(User was permabanned for this post ("Signed up just to start drama." - Pascall))

It’s OK. They run Enjin, they’re harmless.

Looks like that clan member consisted entirely by 12 years old kid.
Nothing to fear

uhm i’m an officer in that clan?? u can clan fight us just write me a PM and we set something up…

Please take a look at your Forum bans @Facepunch, then you will see that a “clan fight” would be completely senseless…

i’m a grizzled veteran…

It seriously looks like an old call of duty clan.

or just a band of skids lol



never mind I skipped a bit in the OP, so what they’re just kids who go around and break rules doesn’t matter.

sad times for dpa

More cringe than cheater.team

wow they joined your server and BROKE THE RULES?!?!?! what a horrible atrocity, oh the humanity

Hello, as the leader of DPA, I can say DPA isn’t a 12 years old clan or a minge clan. Yes these players were DPA members but it doesn’t mean this is a minge clan and from what I heard, you did some dumb things there too, when I read your post I just laugh (lets not forget you use stolen files for your server, yes I saw your autistic code) and they had a reason to call you when the “good” players were the actual rulebreakers and not my clan member. Plus the clan has been disbanded because of the random hate (like you for example, who doesn’t realize that people minge only on edgy servers). Anyway enjoy your empty server :slight_smile:

(User was permabanned for this post ("Signed up just to start drama." - Pascall))

oh wow you stole their clientside addon files??? woah big hackre men alert!!!

Nope, just nope… (So sweet)
Stop lying in the fact im using stolen codes :smiley:
And stop lying in the 2nd Fact that you saw my code. You saw just nothing. You didnt even saw anything on my Server cuz you are banned…
Your clan were a minge clan. Lets take a look at your 2nd Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/garrysmodpeacekeepers

:v: Can I ask the meaning of dangerous?

I don’t see how is it related to DPA, just like you said, it’s my second group. It is a group that is against bad servers, just like yours who didn’t assist five random players (and just to remind, 2 of them weren’t in DPA). Instead of helping them, you decided to ignore it and let the rulebreaker continue. In your nice screenshot I see two people who are against ERPers (you should know it’s meaning), one of them has “RIP DPA” in his name, probably because he miss DPA or maybe for a different reason.

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Well in that case, dangerous servers are bad servers (bad admins, etc).

Who decides what a bad admin is? Am I a badmin on GGG for not having banned many people? Am I a badmin for not being on 24/7 to watch the server? Am I a badmin for being on ggg in general?

You dont know who I am :smiley:
And you don’t know that i wasn’t online at this time :wink:
You only know that, what the other members of your clan said to you - This means: You know exactly nothing

Well, we decide who is a bad admin in many different ways. If we talk about roleplay servers, if a player joined and he/she breaks a rule. The staff member should try to explain him/her what did he/she do wrong. A bad admin will just punish him/her instant (I’m not saying you should explain the same rule to the same player million of times, only if it’s a new player you should explain him/her).

*In this case the staff members just HELPED someone break the rules which is even worse.

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Maybe or maybe it was recorded? :slight_smile: And I didn’t say I know you. Honestly I’m still trying to figure out why did you report a group of 40 people when only five people took part in this situation. Also if you saw I’m the leader, why didn’t you contact me? This whole thing could end better, earlier and with less drama.

Maybe and maybe I have still insider informations that your clan were doing this to many other servers? :slight_smile:

Again, not DPA, you’re confusing with two different groups and well, no idea who told you this information but it never happened, only once when someone stole a great work (scripts of course) from my friend.