Minge SNPC?

Well, there was ONE minge NPC, once, but it only stood in one place and spammed giant props. Could someone make a Kliener (the playermodel, so it had the animations) with a gravity gun, that would run to the nearest prop, shoot it with the grav-gun, and it:
A: Would unfreeze/unweld/unrope/unconstraint the prop, and send it flying, OR
B: Make the prop explode into 5 babies, that would disappear after a minute or so.

He has 100 health, ALL other NPCs hate him, and (if this is possible) have him named “Minge”, so that when you looked at him, you would see “Minge” in your crosshairs. I mostly want this for target practice, and letting him mess with my brother/friends.

There was?I want it.Your idea is nice,could someone make it?

Yea, but it was an entity, only stood in one place, and spammed giant flaming cylindrical things, and never turned around.

Meh,that would be good enough for me.Do you have a link?

Nope, it died. It’s been down for a few months, and it really wasn’t worth the download.