Mingebag animation?

I have noticed on youtube videos, that there is a animation of a kliener model with a gravgun in the crotch, and the arms are held out. How do people do this?

It’s not a mingebag animation, it’s a T-pose, it means the animation it’s trying to replicate is missing so it forms a T

How do you use it then. It looks funny.

code the animation badly

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No seriously.
I want to use it in a machinima.

Technically, it is an animation - a one-frame animation in ragdolls that’s usually called “reference”. It’s the parent of all of the model’s other animations. When the game tells the model to use an animation it can’t find, it’ll just default to this “reference pose”.

There are a few ways to cause it:
[li]You can induce it by switching weapons while falling or no-clipping. If you switch weapons while no-clipping, you’ll stay in the reference pose until you stop moving or touch the ground.[/li][li]You can force Kleiner to stay this way clientside, meaning only you will be able to see it: Decompile Kleiner, comment out the animations that he’s supposed to include, and recompile him. This’ll also affect the Kleiner NPC and the ingame Kleiner.[/li][li]You could also do the above method, but recompile him with a different name (like kleiner_noob.mdl) and force clients to download that. Then, you’d add it as a playermodel by adding this in lua/autorun/anyfile.lua:[/li][lua]
player_manager.AddValidModel( “kleiner_noob”, “models/player/kleiner_noob.mdl” )
Then have clients run “cl_playermodel kleiner_noob” and respawn. They’d be stuck in a T-Pose permanently.
[li]The neatest way would be to force the reference animation constantly with Lua; by playing with animation hooks you could probably prevent all other animations from being run. This could be enabled or disabled realtime and would take significantly less time.[/li][/ul]


Hm, it’d be easy to play with this. I’ll try to whip up a script.