"Mingebag Attack" First person View




Link to map http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=93892

Surprisingly good, I like the idea of minges cutting soldier with their physgun, fresh and new. The last one would be excellent with some blood editing.

I expected worse, but this is really good. Especially since you’ve only used in-game editing (from the looks of it).

I can’t see the pictures.

Please don’t use Filesmelt. It crashes every half an hour.

The composition is bad. Buildings aren’t oriented like that.

Oh god wonderful ! The first one is perfect imo !

There would be a lot more blood from a deep cut like that.

Think about it this way Mingebags Have no blood

Can’t see the pictures.

I really like the destroyed GM_contruct.

I was thinking the same thing, is it a map or scene build?

This is a map and I added some props Ill put a link for the map

Where’s the mingepod? I expected them to have armor support.

Nice scene building on construct, and that soldier that got ripped in half. Oh God :D.

This is a interesting concept :slight_smile: