MingeBag (player) Model and/or NPC

Does anyone have one or want to make one??? I need one for a movie I’m making and have searched for several days with no results

Thanks in advance!

Ugh…it’s the man in the White lab coat.* DO YOU UNDERSTAND?*

I think he means the one with the gravity gun in its …

Spawn kleiner, gravity gun, and DO IT YOURSELF !


I need a player model.

Don’t most minges use Combine or Terrorist player models, though?

that may be true, but the ultimate representation of a mingebag is kleiner with a gravgun in his crotch.

Wasn’t there one in the Ultimate Player Collection? He has the Phys Gun crotch with some additions. Download the SVN…I guess.

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He’d be stuck in the T-pose. That’s the mingebag I’m familiar with.

Better late than never
this could help Steam Workshop::Broken Playermodels Mod