Mingebag the server crasher

This is story about one minge who terrorise servers

i am not mingebag.


i know i noticed that

Nice job asshole

Funneh movie. You fail as a mingebag though. :v: People can always counter deliberate minge tactics after 1 or 2 attacks and admins can simply restart crashed servers. But until you get them fighting each other instead of you and are able to utterly despirit and ruin their fun have you truly succeeded in mingery. :chef:

that guy at the beginning who ragdolled you was awesome. how did he do that?

I think he used the ULX-Admin Mod, !ragdoll ‘playername’

woo your evil hehe ;D

It’s a classic.

I hate retards who do this. They come in, and think the admin is a retard when they ban them. I think people who get banned from over 20 servers or something should be banned off of steam for a week or two. These guys think they’re so funny when they go in and blow up a house. Congrats. You just ruined hours of work. Why do people do this? Because it’s funny? Only to one person. if this wasn’t staged, you are an idiot. You go in and break other peoples things. Why not go into an art museum and burn all of the paintings? Smash the statues? Burn down libraries? Shoot and kill people because it is funny? Arg. People like this piss me off.

I agree 100%

Please, don’t encourage him to do that either.

Salty what was wrong with the movie?

And nice you got banned from 3 servers.

He didn’t do the [media]'s right at first.

Good video, the only problem with it is the fraps logo, otherwise good job. And these better be staged…

Actually it is funny when it then gets posted online. Then it’s like ten wood houses worth of entertainment to the rest of us. :v:

Won’t crash mine.

That is mean yet so funny. Liked the video but don’t make another .

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aahahha nice 1 i want to be your partner