Mingebags Infiltrating Forest Base


Props randomly and badly placed, regular DoF and horribly used too, dead bodies seem more like spawned NPCs that were shot dead, “posed” Mingebags were probably just made using the stand pose tool, their posing is way too clean to have been done by hand.

Little to no effort went into this picture and it shows, take a look around at poses that other people have made, take notes, what looks good, what looks bad and so on, practice, but for now just post in this thread.

That is close to the worst map I have ever seen why would you pick it

rinfect and jacknife get over yourselves, he’s right once again

altho i do not get why you’re complaining about the mingebags, they looked exactly like that in WotS, nothing wrong with the way they’re posed

actually contrary to what you said, posing them by hand wouldn’t really give them that rigid “default idle animation” appearance and it wouldn’t look as authentic

I’m just commenting on the laziness of it, if there was some proper posing involved with maybe some other models, I wouldn’t have picked that out.

Get rid of the simple DoF and use the super DoF and don’t use as much blur when you do.

the skybox is fairly nice if you can cover up the grass with something

Thanks Ghost, I will get right on that.

Troll pose of the year award