Mingebags of Today

Mingebags of today Are Kids watching youtube videos. Finding it funny, watching stupid poorly done videos of them spamming props and shooting other players or taping people with blue bins.

People you really need to look out for Are Propkillers. Know plenty of exploits, Don’t need a gun, crash a server with out spamming, They have there own little Lua hacks,esp,aimbot Or sethack

Many hang around Darkrp servers and Sandbox with out SE (script enforcer)

To simply make your server less of a target. Download some Anti-propkill scripts
Get **falco’s prop protection **

Get Ranks so people who are Respected or trusted can use tools like motor,hydraulics,rope,E2,

Disable Guns And turn off Pvp

Turn on Script Enforcer

Blacklist Explosives
And Blacklist the props listed (main Props that Most propkillers use.)


Also Door tool By going in to console and typing door_model And Pasting a prop shortcut

Like When you right click on a icon of a prop and click copy to clipboard and you paste in chat or something that’s a props shortcut

ill give you an example

“le minge joins darkrp sever” Server has effects set to 0 but the effects are not blacklisted :Pokerface:
The minge now finds a annoying effect like the big red sky dome And does this in console

Door_model pastehere

He can now spawn Effects…

This also works with ragdolls but you cant grab the body. when spawned it will be standing up

The Bigger exploit is that

Even if, the server does not have idk say a Addon that he has but the server does not. He can still spawn it using my method Copy the propshortcut and paste after door_model
What this means is that If i make a Prop file And i edit this file so it can crash when spawned i can spawn on my own server and if it crashs… then that means he can spawn it on your server using the Method.

Also Big buildings Like The Depo

doing Button_model or Thruster_model or Wheel_model

Works the same way. But when spawned and you look at it. it will come up with no name and you can walk threw.
Any admin that checks logs will be confused and he might get away with it Idk i never been admin i don’t know what the logs will look like,

Same with -90000 With Balloon tool can be abused As it will spazz on the ground and when people touch it. they will be killed.

This just goes to Show. Its good to know a bit of both because how do you stop something you know thing about?

I’m Anti Minge. I help Players From those who cant defend them self against one.
I might get Banned for doing so with my methods, But As long as he won’t be messing with other players my jobs done.

Just Tired of un trained mingebags running around Crashing servers by spamming props when they get trapped or don’t get there way.
might lose against Better propkiller’s But at least I tried.

If you have a Server and Want it mostly Minge proof Add me on Steam

Not trying to Teach you in to become a minge or propkiller. I’m just showing you how to Stop one.

And im not trying to flame or troll or any of that.

OR you could find the person with a messed up name or someone who just joined the server. Any competent admin will know to ban and cleanup right away.
FPP is mainly garbage due to the fact that most of the time it’s very annoying when you’re trying to do something and using a building master, as it ghosts your expressions and many other components, and black-listing props is just silly.
It limits players who want to use it for something else, and when some twat wants to use them to kill or whatnot, your server should have the option for your player to god themselves anyway. Spamming explosive props is futile at best, unless you have a weak server, but it just brings attention to yourself destabilizing the server.

I find it funny how the only 2 people viewing the thread as I type this are the following:


Well Only reason i get banned from servers is because i do it when admins are on purpose.

Very rare that i get banned because a person says im telling admin or owner or I got your steamid reporting to server owner. But Stacker with phx Explosives Crash. Motor anything breakable a few times and spin after it breaks…crash

And you gotta be pretty dumb minge to be doing it when a admin is on. Same with propkilling

yes fpp is garbage in some ways but with out that. i can glitch your stuff then delete it with a simple hydraulics exploit with my prop to yours and using the remover tool and rightclick witch removes all

sure other prop protections out But Falco is a propkiller/minge him self he knows what to protect. And knows exploits and glitches in Tools and props

And blacklisting is Not Silly. Quite smart. to stop someone who is quite skilled in propkilling And most props propkillers use is not stuff people build out of. Besides Phx 1x1 plate Blastdoor

And you don’t need explosives to crash a server simply spam or Find a prop that has many joints in it Like the phx cannon a Chair A Car…ect when they collide witch makes it lag more

As the official updater of DarkRP and as a frequent anti minge, I say that downloading an anti prop kill only affects the genuine people.

in every anti prop kill the prop killers can still prop kill and the genuine people have a shit playtime.

the blacklist is also bullshit. A good prop killer can prop kill with any heavy prop.

As FPtje said, that’s why admins exist.

Bows…Ah Mighty Falco

Yes we do tend to find flaws in There Protecton

And no one said they cant propkill with any other prop Its just the main props Most use

The biggest problem in DarkRP servers is untrained admins. Admins who ban the wrong people, don’t know what spectating is or simply don’t respond when getting reports.

The last one happens way too often.

That’s why ESP exists

Yes very correct.
As i get Threats every server that i did Propkill or minge on that they report to admins
join few days or a week later nothing was done about it and it starts all over again

Simply disable physical damage on a prop a few seconds after a player that is not the player that got hit touched a prop.
Maybe not the best solution but that’s how I used to do it.

I hate that I have to add security from stopping people being idiots. Why can’t people just play nice?

They don’t live in Canada.

I read that at least five times, but I have no idea what you’re saying.

Does your method protect against spawning two props and pushing one with three other?

I remember back in the day when you could easy-weld people away, or Cone 10000 them away.

  1. Player A touches prop.
  2. Prop can not kill people.
  3. Player A does not touch prop anymore
  4. Prop can still not kill people for a few seconds
  5. Prop is back to normal

That’s how I used to do it in my rpg/build. The concept is kind of similar to darkrp so I guess it would fit in there.

  1. Spawn prop
  2. Spawn prop
  3. Hold second prop
  4. Push first prop

You didn’t touch the prop you spawned first, so your script doesn’t apply to it. It’s a really easy way to still prop kill.

I had removed the anti prop kill in DarkRP because you could get around it and because it annoyed normal players.

You can always check if a protected prop touches an unprotected prop with a certain speed.

And how would not being able to die because of props that were touched by another player annoy others?

Some useful stuff (i added it to prop killing article on gmod wiki):

Scripts from this thread can prevent unintentional propkilling and make propkilling a bit harder
gSurf (anti prop-surf) also prevents physgun-prop-throwing
Adjust convar physgun_maxSpeed: changing it from 5000 to 1000 is almost unnoticeable for regular players
Some gamemodes have “prop paying” options, in darkrp, set rp_proppaying 1 and adjust rp_propcost (2-4 is recommended)

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p.s. some ideas:
if someone near you holding a weapon/shooting/aiming at you, you lose ability to spawn props and use physgun

other idea:

typing !ming <nick> will mark player as “minge” for you (!unming <nick>)
if you’re marked by someone, you can’t spawn props near this player (and this player’s buildings and doors), you can’t use physgun on props, that is near this player.

if >50% of players marked you a minge, you can’t use physgun or spawn props at all.

We can only wish.