i have created a vote system if theres no admin
it has ragdoll vote and all those settings and tortures
Warning! the new mingebags are prop killers
So i also created a anti prop surf wich kills them if they try and fizz gun beam shoots some where else if prop goes under them

Message me for the server side


A++ Thread
Would read again

And YOU made this? Awesome! :fuckyou:

If there was something like this, the only “torture” should be banning or kicking.

Doing things like setting them on fire or blowing them up only encourages retards.

Torture allows set the speed of them such at 50 really slow, Dont allow them to pick up weapons like Weapon_crowbar it will kill them.

and if it has a glitch where that happened to everybody?

Why not just upload it?

Even then, this sounds pretty shitty, plus there’s 500+ more mods exactly like this, and at least some of them have a credible link/developer.