Mingeon Digital Camera

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Mingeon Digital Camera

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1.337

[tab]Description:[/tab] A camera for Gmod

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Gmod 9, and of course, a Swedish Bikini Team!

[tab]Download (Mingeon):[/tab] ** Zip version (616kb) - ** DOWNLOAD :: **RAR version (580kb) - ** DOWNLOAD [/release]

[tab]Download (Silver Canon):[/tab] ** Zip version (515kb) - ** DOWNLOAD :: **RAR version (371kb) - ** DOWNLOAD [/release]

Mingeon Digital Camera

Well, it’s a Camera… For all your picturing needs in Gmod.
It’s roughly based on Canon EOS 5D, but I started freestyling after
having modelled most of the mesh

Here are some pictures for the clicktures:

EOS & Mingeon in action:

Spawn codes:

"Mingon Camera"	   	"models/jaanus/foto4.mdl"
"Canon EOS 350D"	"models/jaanus/cano.mdl"

IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE TEXTURES, MAKE YOUR FING OWN!* And show them to me, i’d be more than happy to release it here.
A labeled blank texture sheet, if you want to create your own texture. <-Clicky

(Disclaimer: Actually doesn’t take pictures, LCD backlight not included, batteries not included)

This would make an awesome SWEP. Great job.

Hehe, someone should make a V_ model to go with the camera tool. Nice job, downloading.

Use te model manipulator to turn a city scanner into this, and let it fly around and take pictures! nice work though.

This is cool, not to many camera models out there.

And with the SWEP, yeah, it turns off the watermark. And by right clicking you get different filters! That would be sweet! Wait, could it take videos? Will it need animations?

This would be an awesome city scanner replacement. Or maybe have the city scanner holding it somehow.

AWESOME! You should make the Canon EOS 350D, I have such a camera :smiley:

the front looks good but the back is weird.

I say a SWEP version that has the same funtion as pressing F5 to take screenshots.

I :lol:'d.

On topic, nice model!

I’m so gonna use this, awesome job.

Oh my god!Thanks alot for this one, it will be great for the reporters in my comic!Thanks alot!

I might complete the Canon 350D skin in a hour or two.

Also, I was wondering, how to replace the spawnable prop camera’s model?

Even better than making a scanner hold the camera, you need a little guy on a cloud to hold it and float around. That would be awesome. Good work anyway!

I concur. This would make a beautiful SWEP.

“Use the flash, Gordon! Use the flash!”

Ehm. Back on track: Awesome model.

Very nice. Give you a 5

It’s awesome. Good work.


I’m going to compile the Canon EOS 350D for you guys now.

Here’s a screenie (the back is ugly, if you don’t like it, texture it yourself…)


There’s just one tiny thing that you might want to change! The lens is too small! So it looks a bit off place!


I thanked you :wink:

Its ok I guess.The color is kind of flat