Mingepose upon death

I have a problem, where whenever I die, my body won’t ragdoll, and just stands in mingpose. (T-pose) Anyone had this before?

What gamemode? Is it singleplayer or multiplayer? What mods are you running?

I have wiremod, tested and it’s not the cause
RD2, not the cause
LS2 not the cause
Firearms source, I don’t know, ill check what else

More importantly, what’s your player model?

I checked, it’s not my playermodel, or any addons. I reinstalled, and it works.

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Nvm, it’s still there

It appears to happen when gmod loads legacy addons

I’ve been reading a lot about some legacy addons breaking skeletons. This may be similar: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1228411

Honestly this is exactly the same problem.