Mini HUD screen like the RT camera

How would i create a small screen on the client side that shows a different view like an rt camera does.

You could try drawing a box and using a rendertarget texture. not sure if that’d work though.

-Thought he meant the Toolgun screen.-

This should work, no annoying rendertargets required (remember to set your own camera entity):
function ShouldDrawLocalPlayer()
return RenderingView – this’ll make sure the viewmodel AND the worldmodel is drawn correctly locally
hook.Add( “ShouldDrawLocalPlayer”, “SDLP_HUD_Camera”, ShouldDrawLocalPlayer )

function DrawHUDCamera()

RenderingView = true --tell shoulddrawlocalplayer() to do it's thing so we can see ourself in cameras

local cameraEntity = --insert your camera entity here
if !ValidEntity(cameraEntity) then return end
local ori = cameraEntity:GetPos()+ (cameraEntity:GetForward()*2) --hallowed are the ori
local ang = cameraEntity:GetForward():Angle()

local CamData = {}
	CamData.angles = ang
	CamData.origin = ori
	CamData.x = (ScrW()/4)-10
	CamData.y = 2
	CamData.orthotop = false
	CamData.drawviewmodel = true
	CamData.drawhud = false
	CamData.fov = 40
	CamData.viewmodelfov = 30
	CamData.w = ScrW() / 2
	CamData.h = ScrH() / 2
render.RenderView( CamData ) --draw the camera to the screen
RenderingView = false -- now that shoulddrawlocalplayer() has done it's thing, shut it off so we don't see the back of our own neck

hook.Add( “ShouldDrawLocalPlayer”, “Render_HUD_Camera”, ShouldDrawLocalPlayer )