Mini moles interactive comic of drawings of fruit

So im heading over to my asian co worker/side kicks garage to show him this awesome fruit picture
then i notice a letter on the hood of his rocket powered tuner
then for some reason sonic the hedge hogs staring with a retarded face
Now what the hell now

Download gimp and find some tutorials on making a comic.

Then beat sonic to death with the painting.

improve your posing

Learn to pose, get your settings maxed up and get gimp or photoshop before even thinking posting a comic.

Another good idea is to start off basic, like, grammar…

Snap Sonic’s neck before he becomes important to the plot! :byodood:

crtiic: your doing fine ok just make it more humaen

go to a museum and hang the painting

Anything that puts Sonic in a otherwise respectable situation = dumb in my book.

so you run outside completely ignoring sonic to your shitty van to change out of your shitty clothes and put the painting in your inventory

and then you make a list of possible suspects

now Who should I go after first?

None not continue and tell other people to stop making horrible interactive comics and stop ruining the comics section?

The next thing to do is not fail at trying to copy madmanmad and stop this stupid comic.

Nice copy…


This is who you remind me of


oh WOW


i didnt know people like that actually existed.

Noooo way. Whoa. Holllyyyyyyyyy shitt.