Mini Quarry and Mini Oil Jack

It would be really helpful if the devs added a small quarry and oil jack, obviously it would yield less, but it would be a great benefit to solo players. Atm, its nearly impossible to solo defend a quarry or a oil jack. The addition of high walls have helped but they are kinda expensive. The key to a solo player’s success is to leave a small player footprint. Maybe instead of a quarry its something manual, like a mining drill thats fueled by low grade fuel.

not a bad idea that!

I kinda dig this idea. When I imagine mini versions of these, I’m thinking smaller than a small water catcher and quite slow at gathering.

Maybe they could be hand operated instead of fuel? just click and hold with empty hands. goes slow, but silent

I like this. I’m not sure hand operated is a great idea but perhaps it can be fueled by wood?

If you’re going to require them to be hand-operated, then they should have roughly the same yield since the trade-off is requiring you to manually operate them.

Yes, please!