Mini-sentry model and poseable

I couldn’t find in game correctly model for Mini-sentry.
So I’d like to request mini-sentry model from TF2. I need it poseable and normal model as prop.
I wonder If It’s possible to make with pose’able minisentry light working (every time when you change direction of mini-sentry , ray will change a bit)

Could someone make It? Please?

The Mini-sentry is actually just the Level 1 sentry with a different skin and bodygroup. As for Posing it, use the sentry poser found here:

I don’t know about the Light though.

But I need that Light thing on sentry when I want to change direction of gun.

I don’t think you can access the Mini-sentry’s beacon light. Or do you mean the shield?

beacon light.
Shield is as effect

Beacon light is a bodygroup, I believe. Bodygroups can be accessed with the Bodygroup Changer STool, along with skingroups.

Question; I’m using the 13 Beta, but it’s not affected by the inflator tool. Any other ideas on how to get it to it’s proper size?