Mini_city (feedback / help welcome )

Okey so i noticed that nobody tried to make a proper miniature city set map like de_godzilla. So i thought why not try it myself .
This maps great for a variety of uses that you cant achieve as well with a large city map . Namely makeing bigger effects of larger stuff , war in a city , giant monster attacks etc.
Overall think of it like one of those giant monster movie sets partially . You get bigger buildings and a larger variety cause ill try to keep the copy pasteing to a minimum .
Newest pics right here :slight_smile: (finally fixed the light problem )

It only works in CSS so far i have no idea how to play it in gmod otherwise i would have taken better pics .

So far its been fun but some of the stuff can be rather annoying though but overall its really fun to make this map for me . Now if i could only figure out what other buildings to place

You should compile the map not just show hammer shots, it’s kind of hard to see in your pictures, they look sort of squished? Also the building you have selected in the first pic has bad texture alignment, so does the one to the right of it so it looks really unconvincing, I can’t really say much else because I can’t see much of it

I guess i should have mentioned buildings that are not very detailed are just stand ins till i get started on them and im done with the basic layout.
Also like i said i didnt know how to compile it and make good screens i dont know how to get it to run in gmod

Those images, they hurt my eyes with their quality. What the hell happened with them?

SImple , fraps doesnt rly make good quality images from the editor . And enlargeing them didnt help much either . Still better then just haveing them from normal CS mode screen

You could have just used print screen and pasted the image in Paint instead of getting Fraps just to use it to take screenshots.

Or taken in game screens. If you are going to show something off, make it look good.

Oh god sweet fuck!

Extremely blocky, lacks detail, also, compile the damn map before you show us it. In-game screenshots suck.

Oh troll u so trollin

Not particularly no. I not be trollin.

Your map is generally terrible, compile the map, take some in-game screenshots, add a lot more detail to it.

Do the words WIP mean anything to you ? i even said so up there they are standins till i get the placements everywhere done. As for the screenshot quality its pretty terrible but i just dont know how to get better screens except in the actual map which is in CSS

Then post in game screens…doesn’t matter what game it is. If you post something here it means you want feedback, and if you don’t want feedback, don’t post it.

I already said why i posted them as they are .
So here are better ones (as well as abit of update to the map )

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

There ya happy nao ?

Fullbright, misaligned textures, obviously tiling textures, that horrible brick texture is used, buildings have no detail.

Looks ugly really.

The only way you’re going to get any degree of detail in this map is by using models which would be lit horribly due to the coding of the source engine. Hammer’s brushes aren’t meant to be this small. I suppose you could make a mod which increased the players hull by 16 times and could tower over a normal map. However, if you only wanted general an relevant feedback, lower all the lightmaps to about 4 so you get some decent shadows, make a light_enviroment with a relativly high direct light value (that’s relative to the ambient value) and add a fog controller to create a dense fog to cover the obvious tiling of the textures on distant buildings (but limit the max density to about 0.8 or there will be no depth). From there, add embellishment to the silouettes of the buildings and force the player to use their imagination to detail the buildings facades.

First decent comment i got here .
Well take into account that one cant shrink models in the source engine (god knows why) this is ment as more of a set that you greenscreen or make pics in .
But ill try my best to give it as much detail as i can on the buildigns and such if anything since besides de_godzilla there isnt much maps like these .
I didnt do lighting yet cause im not done with the basic parts of the map yet , (also if you read the other commetns i posted the tiled textures n such are there because im not even properly done aligning them / started working properly on em ) also i dont know how to add embelishments or what they are

Firstly, prop_scalable (I’m not sure if it works since I’ve never used it, can anyone confirm this). Secondly, setting up lighting is important to do early on so you have an idea as to the mood of the map. If you don’t drop the lightmap scale, it will only add about 5 seconds to the compile time. Thirdly, it is inevitable that textures will tile in this situation but you misunderstood my point. You can hide the tiling by breaking up the architecture with embellishment ( or by adding an env_fog_controller (I think that’s theright name) to hide the really obvious tiling on distant buildings. Also, if you take a bit longer writing your posts so you can have correct spelling and grammar, you’re more likely to get a positive reply.

Yeah i think i saw a tutorial on youtube that said that but i didnt know if it would slow it all down too much thats why i didnt do it initially .
And yeah i guess i did misunderstand the tile part . Well ill see what i can do when im done with the buildings base location and look .
Also my my english is fine im just not that great at writing it usually .

Haha, nice stadium. It’s pretty cool.

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For purpose’ sake, the stadium meets intended purpose.

You sure showed me with that epic fullbright map, boy do I feel silly…