Mini_City (first map )

Okey so this is the first map that ive ever sunk any time into . Its also the first map ive made so there are problems in it as you will see from the presentation video .

Ive tried everything to fix it , nothing seemd to work and it was giving me a headache .

Ive sunk too much time into the map to not relase it so here i am .
You will requier Counter Strike Source

The map is ment mainly for movies cause in general its like a miniature city set they have at movie studios .

Frankly the textures are poor, the lighting is dull and you have buildings popping in and out. Oh and the video pans slightly too quick to see most of the problems. It should not have been released until it was ready, or not at all.

Oh, and your cafe baltic sign is reversed.

Still enough to see the problem , but it also shows its still a useable map .
I also tried everything i possibly could to patch it up . And only reason why i relased it is because its not shitty or has enough problems to be unuseable .

As for light i dont know what i could have done . And in a miniature city i dont think you can ask alot in terms of texture detail

And yeah i realize baltic sign is reverse , at that point i just wanted to finish up the damn thing

I have released 5 maps in 6 years. Anything that i deemed incomplete or not good enough has ended iup sitting in my maps folder and chalked down to experiance. We can always get better, do things better. If you deem the map not as good as it can be, it shouldn’t be released. Chalk it up to experiance and move on. I have a version of a black mesa map on my hdd that took 6 months to make…never got released.

I guess this varies from person to person as to what they want to relase and what they dont .
And people have relased far worse stuff then i have with this map . At least i cant say i didnt try

And they wouldn’t get away with it if they posted it here. Saying that something is worse than your is like comparing a piece of modern art to a pile of dog crap. If it’s bad, its bad, and there is no excuse for it. You didn’t have to release it, at the very least you could have fixed the obvious bugs. But, you didn’t because you were lazy.

I did try everything that people have suggested . I really did but in the end nobodys answer was giving me a solution otherwise i would have fixed it .Youve seen the thread i posted and i asked around for help but it didnt work . I tried to fix it is what i did but it didnt work , i didnt work on the map so long to not at least try and fix it .

He just wants a little feedback :v:

amazing for your first map mate.
Allot better than all the other boxes with a tree in them.

stick at it and you will be great :smile:

it looks like a fun map to mess around on, but for scenebuilds/ posing its as useless as bigcity

but looks grest for a first map

Well as the video shows the map can still be usefull for things such as zooming in on a city building withouth it being instantly recognized as big_city

A hell of a lot better than all of those shit first maps people release

Maybe if you compare it to:

But it’s no excuse really.

Main point here is ppl can still actually use it .

Not bad, For a First not bad at all.
As other have said, the textures need work, a lot of work
IronPhoinx has pointed out that the lighting is dull. But I can see uses for this map IE a Sweeping view of a city before it zooms on one building and the film starts…

The video made me think of what GTA 2 would look like in Gmod.

I don’t see much difference from the one you posted in the main mapping section, still blocky as hell, bad lighting and you spelt disclaimer wrong in the video :v:

How did you even mess up the Cafe Baltic sign?

The slanted building at 0:50 in the video has windows going up at an angle. Go outside and tell me how many buildings look like that.

Just noticed that the textures on the domed building at 0.45 are really thin. They are more like arrow slits than windows.

Windows at 0.31 have been cut off at the top.

The railway has three tracks, yet there is one either side of these tracks, cut off by poor texture use. (0.25)

At 0.20 the grate texture has been used on the crane with no borders…looks shite.

The domed building i didnt know how to make it look decent rly.

As for the crane with no borders.
Please do explain for i have no idea what you said means