Miniature Vessel Wars[alpha][playable][stable]

This was a project I was working with, I did not like where it was going at all. It is stable, playable, and somewhat fun to play with a few friends. I thought it would be more useful for people in the community than in a folder somewhere on my desktop. I am not going to revise or work on this anymore. However, if you post questions on how to do things, I will help you.

Similar to Flood Mod, unfinished with new ideas, so do not expect much.

Spawn a raft.(your base)
Spawn a spawn point, turret, and motor for your raft.(menus open up via the Q/build menu like a typical sandbox)
Switch to the prop menu and build walls for defense for your raft.

Once this is achieved, find a console in the middle of the map, Use it(E by default) and enter the “war zone”.
Props are destroyable, income is earned, data is saved via tmysql. (My test database information is still in the files, so it is playable off that until someone minges them up.)
Once a player dies, their raft is returned to the “build zone”

This was a lot of experimenting for me, fun to play with friends, so hopefully it can do one or two people some good use.
Feel free to use parts of the code for learning or whatever. It is nothing special, but I know when I was learning it could have taught me a thing or two.

]( The video is outdated, map has been refurbished since, menu for entities was created, and mysql support was added. [](