Minicombattank + Magicspacevan

______________________________________The little minicombattank will rape anything, even your dad

____________________________________(o) 100101011110101011010000101110100100010111101110 in notepad and save it as an .exe for free hacks

Spacevan is not yet donneeee

i will not reveal your identity

cool van

im still deciding on whether of making it fly like a plane, or hovar. So far im considering FLAI!

Lolwat identity

i think my fps gives away my identity

Or cause i saw you build em >__>

NIce hax dood.

Your machine code in ASCII:


Facepunch turned it into a weird smaller code but this is what it originally was before minus the quotes.


I ran it, something said it stopped responding…

Can I use the hax nao? Plox?

Is my computer borked?

Actually I like your tnak. You don’t mind if I post my own mini tank I just finished yesterday here, do you? Perhaps it could become a minitank megathread or something.

Mini heli > mini tnak.

My minitank > mini heli. BRING IT OOOOON!

Lovin the space van

You’re me?!

I’m really liking the space van. The tank is pretty good, but nothing original.

Sure minitank thread. lololol

I know who you are :3

ok we get it he’s Foxton post something useful

Spacevan looks a bit like puddle jumper from srargate.

I like the tank