Hi facepunch, I’ve seen this done before a few times actually. I wanted to know how to get users PC specs, I don’t know how this is done to be honest and I really wish I did. Thank you if anyone knows!

Why you want to know users PC specs ?

You’ll have to get your clients to download a module, there’s nothing in Lua that can do that.

> PrintTable( ( file.Find( "*.mdmp", "EXECUTABLE_PATH" ) ) )
    -- 1    =    hl2_152503_crash_2015_4_18T6_55_48C0.mdmp
    -- ...
> print( file.Open( "hl2_152503_crash_2015_4_18T6_55_48C0.mdmp", "r", "EXECUTABLE_PATH" ) )
    -- userdata: 0x28c0e0b0

The data you want should be in the mdmp file (should one exist) somewhere.

Where do I put that?