MiniFort Discussion

I just released my first upload to, the MiniFort!

It has 2 floors, an automatic door, a super cool defence system, and it all fits inside a 4x4x4 PHX Cube! Well, almost!

The bottom floor contains the control system for defending the fort. This defence system comes in the form of a remotely controlled Airboat with guns. To drive the Airboat, just sit in the office chair and use the WASD keys as you would if you were actually sitting in the Airboat. The left mouse button fires the turrets. There is an RT camera attached to the Airboat, so you can see what you are shooting at. The PHX rt_screen is placed in front of the office chair for an all-in-one driving experience!

Upstairs is completely empty, so you can add whatever you want. There is no roof, so you can just shoot over the sides if you wish, or you can add auto-turrets or other mounted weaponry.

The MiniFort requires PHX 2 or 3 (SVN) and Wire SVN to be installed.

To use the MiniFort, just unzip the file, and put the SAV and TGA files in “X:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps*USERNAME*\garrysmod\garrysmod\SAVE”

The ZIP file contains the save game file, and the 3 images which appear at the top of the download page.


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The RC Airboat is good, but the fort…meh.

Nothing special and pretty boring. Post a advanced duplicator file next time and post here.

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Garrysmod discussion.

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Yeah that’s like the worst thing ever. Anyway the fort is pretty bland and it’s really basic. It’s a phx cube with some chair and a screen. You should work some more on it before you release or post it here. Look around in the contraptions forum and you’ll be amazed. People over there expect pretty high standard contraptions :stuck_out_tongue:

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