Minigames Gamemode

Before any of you download, this is a unfinished GAMEMODE of Minigames.

My friend and I decided to take a crack at coding Minigames, a highly anticipated and fun gamemode for Garry’s Mod. Me and my friend
faced many problems through out coding, and we eventually gave it up. I’m now releasing to this the public.

I’m NOT asking you guys to fix it up for ME. If you guys want to actually try and fix this up, and use it for your own use, then go ahead.

The download consists of:
Scoreboard that shows ULX rank, and team.
2 Teams
Quick Admin Menu
Blank MOTD - Consists of tabs containing rules, forums, donations, and admins.
Menu that lets you select Team.
All players spawn with crowbars, no other weapon. (unless you’re superadmin, in which you will receive a physgun"


Please do not ask me questions, I’m am no longer supporting or working on this project.
I know this isn’t a perfect gamemode, I’m no professional in Lua.

Aw i love minigames, i wish you guys had finished it. best of luck though!

me and my friends will work on it

Lol,minigames gamemode,thx:quagmire: