Minilandstan's big picture gallary

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*Welcome to minilandstan’s big as fucking hell screenshot gallery. If you see errors, I probably already know about it, seeing as most of these pictures are old anyway. This gallery hosts most of my works from the previous year. So look around, and don’t touch anything. *!1.jpg!_Yes!3.jpg

And as always, feel free to give advice. Because i’m far from perfect.

They are all pretty nice and clean.

Wow They all look great!. Good job!.

Minilandstans big gallery of disappointment,I kid they are pretty rad bro.

They’re pretty good, but I don’t really see any improvement on the posing over the years.

a few will stand out, but most are forgettable.

I like all of 'em, but i was wondering who the fallout-ish guy is?

Terrible poses made by a terrible person for terrible reasons.

They are quite good, clean and well posed, but like Zeraxify said, most are forgettable. Also try going into doing larger scale shots, and stitching. And muzzleflashes