Minimalist DarkRP Hud (Yes, another one)



pls tell me it doesn’t actually say minimalist on the hud?

You’re probably better keeping your earlier projects to yourself, but good job so far. Please don’t name thing minimalist, sleek or modern.

It doesn’t.

did you get bluebull to help you with this

Why. You’ve just caused more drama.

Its pretty terrible, also you are supposed to use the DarkRP Modification folder but yolo I guess.

You’re like one of the bitches from high school movies, just wanting to create drama. So please post helpful or relevant stuff instead of posting shit and trying to create drama.

that exists


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Now if only you could tell me why it’s pretty terrible.

Well first of what if the players wallet got more than 100 million dollars. The hud would probably mess up.

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And you forgot armor

It’s terrible because it looks like it was made with shapes in word. If you want it to look simple and good you should probably have less rounded edges and have less contrasts in colour.

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The font isn’t great either.

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Black text against plain white looks too basic.

you guys are all kinda being dicks, like chill

as far as the hud goes, coolvetica isn’t a very good font for content, in general more stylized fonts are better for headers/titles. it’s also all very heavy and bold, you need to spread out the weight of your text.

Updated OP

the red is a little bright, and you might want to switch the background behind the bars to a dark gray instead of just black, but other than that, not bad!

The compression messed with the colors. The behind-bars color is actually dark gray (30,30,30), but the picture made it look like (24,24,24), but I updated it 1 more time with a slightly different red and the gray color went from 30 to 40

And have it like job(salary) Instead of wallet(salary)

Some job names are HIDEOUSLY long, like “Civil Protection Chief”. I can’t fit it without the text being unreadable.

cut the string short?

Civil Protec…

read up on string.sub

Some wallets are hideously long? 1 million. 10 million. You are only holding 100,000 wait till it reaches larger.

I’m actually going to try replacing “Civil Protection” with “Police” whenever it shows up in a job name.

I’ve actually tested up to 9 million, they fit, as in not going out of bounds, although barely.