Minimania - Drive on CS:S maps with remote controlled cars!

That’s right, the gamemode you’ve all been waiting for:


The basic idea: drive on CS:S maps, race through checkpoints and finish first with tiny remote controlled cars! What I’ve got so far:
[li]Tiny version of the jeep with an antenna attached to it![/li][li]Dynamic sound system: when the direction your car is pointing is different than the direction it is going, you’ll hear skidding sounds![/li][li]Clever map-edit system: define props & checkpoints in a lua file and have them automatically pop up in the map, basically being part of the map![/li][li]Checkpoints with fancy effects![/li][li]Auto-reset system: when you’re upside-down for an extended period of time, you’ll reset and you’ll be able to race on quickly![/li][li]Track marks on the ground when you’re drifting (temporarily disabled due to uglyness)[/li][li]And more![/li][/ul]
I’m currently testing this on gm_construct, but when everything works fine I’ll switch to CS:S maps.

You want screenshots? Here, have them in chronological order: (old to new)
The beginnings. Still using a pushcart here instead of a tiny jeep. The ugly black scorches on the ground are supposed to be tire marks… but I disabled them later on because they were so atrocious.

The clever level-edit system I was talking about.

A revolution (:v:). I realized the pushcarts are too big and then I decided to use tiny jeeps instead. Notice the red beams: those are the collision bounds.
And then we had antennas. And name displays. The antenna is actually a combination of 2 HL2 props: see if you can recognize them.

First revision of the checkpoint effect. It looks cool but it was supposed to be a sphere.
Second revision of the checkpoint effect. This was actually the desired effect but it was wayy to laggy (see the FPS meter on the left).
Third revision of the checkpoint effect. This time, it’s animated! This will be the final effect unless someone comes up with an awesome idea or something.

A video demonstrating what I’ve got so far.

Track marks and HUD! As you can see, both are still WIP. The track marks are laggy and ugly as fuck, and I can’t get rid of that ugly black line by the right gradient.
The checkpoints finally work! Now to polish it all…
Player cards! When they go out-of-view, they automatically get clamped to an oval which just fits in the screen. Another pretty neat hud-thing :v:

So that’s all what I have right now. Todo list:
[li]Record the time of a lap[/li][li]Stabilize the cars[/li][li]Make all the CS:S maps Minimania ready[/li][li]Powerups?[/li][/ul]
So basically, it’s not done at all… but I have all the time in the world to finish this so that doesn’t matter :buddy:
What do you think? Place suggestions/love comments/hate comments here!

Love it !

Suggestion: Add combat with your cars and missiles :smiley:

And… a video, finally!

Fuck, this seems excellent!

Can’t browse facepunch without finding awesome stuff like this everyday! :buddy:

Add toggleable power ups, guns, and stuff of sort. And possibly , give every jeep a different skin.

Is that a remix of MGMT - Kids?

It’s looking great, by the way.

This looks like it could be a good gamemode, is it going to be fretta based by any chance?

Upgrades, more vehicles, no fretta and keep it arcade like in demo = Perfect

If this gets released and it’s not too much of a big gamemode i think i will convert it over to the fretta base, i think it would get played a lot more then, but that’s my opinion.

I notice you stress your intent to focus on CS:S maps, but have you also considered other circuits? Maybe a set of TF2 maps, MARIO_KART, Half-Life 2, some custom maps, etc.?

I’d assume you’ve created a system that allows people to crate their own sets for different maps, or have the intent to, at least?

i think custom models would be nice instead of jeeps, would add more variety.


My main focus right now is CS:S, “maybe” for other maps.

I’ve got someone making a custom RC car for me.

I think a sort of reset prop would be nice. For example, as you were driving up the ramp behind the lake, I could see a lot of frustration if you fell off the ramp and got stuck in a corner. A large, flat (invisible?) prop underneath the ramp that would send you back to a set point before the ramp would be nice.

What about the people who dont have cs:s? Like me.

…Get it?

Why is MerzBro rating all of his posts dumb?

Anyway, this gamemode seems great. Can’t wait for it.

Stupid question :

Does the mini-jeep have the same physic model as the normal-sized jeep? I hope not

Of course not.