Right, basically I wish to make a minimap like the minimaps in CSGO. I’ve looked around and I found a radar type of minimap.

I can sort of understand the code and everything but I wish to have a 2d birds eye view of the map and just a little dot representing the character. How would I go about rendering the image of the map’s aerial view and making the minimap work? Any pointers to functions or anything like that would be appreciated.

I was wondering if there is another way to do it without the RenderView, I’ve seen it before and the thing is, if you go near a building you can see either the roof or the top floor and also during a raid (DarkRP), you can go into the building and see where everything is, entities and whatnot. I was wondering if there is a way to do it if you get a simple image of the entire map and just render that in the minimap and just make it move the image when you move so it’s just a static image without any entities on it or anything

Well naturally you can do that, the disadvantage is that you have to make all the overview images yourself, for every map.

How would I go about doing it, for example I’m only using the rp_downtown_whateverthefuck map and I have the overview image, what would be my next step?

Bump - Anyone have any idea?

I think you would likely need to use stencils, this is pretty advanced stuff and if you’re learning then it may be best to try some more ‘basic’ things…? If you want some reference Willox released a radar a while ago (its on his github) although from memory he renders the map also.

wasn’t there a way to set whats being drawn in the renderview, dont remember what it was called, but you could edit stuff thats being drawn ONLY in the renderview, so you basically select everything which has printer/shipment in the class string, and simply set nodraw on it?