Minimoles gallery of dissapointment:collab of poses and comics n shit I've done [warning Png and Image overdrive]

A few things I’ve done over the months sorry for all the pics


Glorious times.

Funny how you didn’t mention about your original version. You know, TF2 Scout version?

QWOP one got me.

I spy me!

Who could forget that guy with the green fucking mohawk?

Looks like Kiddy’s Land.
Nice gallery.

I find the pictures vey good & amusing. Also, I love all the personal skins. By the way may I ask If the model of the blonde haired girl In the third picture Is available for download? Thank you.

I have to admit, due to the lack of utterly nothing perskin related making this thread might be wrong. I’d recommend first building up a gallery of nonperskin stuff and then add the perskin things into it as a bonus.

This needs to really stay in the thread.

Change your font, too.

and stop adding stupid swears in it as if you’ve got tourettes.

I will admit I did laugh at several of them, so I am changing my rating to a

Oh hey mom look, a box fell down the perskin van!

It’s a little hard since I only have like 7 mediocre non personalskin poses in my whole screenshot folder.

The one in the camo? it’s Wraithcats skin you’d have to ask her.

I was there