MiniMole's Magical Quest of Greatness [Interactive!]
1-don’t just come in here and be ‘Kill yur selv Hur Hur’
2-I’m not a very serious person but don’t go overboard
3-I have a life so this comic may not be updated every day or hour
4-I hate pizza crust
Now let’s F’n start
You find you’re self sleeping in till noon like normal.
You wake up and Discover you in your bed in the middle of The street in an An anonymous Town what should you do?

Ask to the drunk guy on the right wtf you and your bed are doing in the middle of a road .

Ask Bubz where you are.

There is a two-tailed fox with huge bug eyes, being to scream and panic while trying to comprehend how such a thing can exist.
You call out for Bubz hopefull he knows where you are.
Bubz is no where to be found but you attracted everyone elses attention.

Why not ask that nice man with the assault rifle?

If all else fails, hit the explosive barrel.

Come on, what’s the worst that could happen.

I vote for the explosive barrel
You find an empty beer bottle on the ground and aim for that Explosive Barrel
You stand and enjoy the moment of Awesomeness
Then a Weird looking angry fox dude comes up to you and complains.What should you do?

Kill it. It is an abomination.

The comic i mean.

Walk away from it and look at that map that is behind you for directions.

Kick him and dance . DAAANCE ! -

Tell him the voices made him do it.

Or maybe stay silent and stare at him. Then, after a while of staring, scream like a little girl that just peed her pants after seeing Chuck Norris roundhouse kick Garrus Vakarian’s Head-Shot. And THEN!!! run away.

Kill the deformed mutated fox with head and feat tumors, then take his head as a trophy and wear it.

Ask the fucker where you are and when’s an actual GOOD sonic game coming out, i’ve been waiting for 13 years.

Quickly reskin him! Maybe he will walk away, if not, go grab the assault rifle from the rubble and go to town.

Quickly Run and get on that guy’s bike on the right geting away.

Steal his tails, use them to fly back to your own house.

Slap that bitch and take his wallet.
You pull the Duck out of his Tails but there on pretty goddamn hard.
But then you get another Idea
You jump on his back grab tighly on his ears and Fly him like the beast thing from never ending story.
After a long ass flight you Finally spot your work
You are now at Facepunch what the hell now?