Minimum Requirements for a Garrys Mod dedicated server

Hello, Ive had to run game servers on bad setups before. So I decided to find out the minimum requirements for SRCDS Garry’s Mod. I will be running a 5 Slot server, so you can multiply that easily.
Note I will be using Windows 2000 Professional.

192MB Ram (You cant run SRCDS OrangeBox without a minimum of 128mb of ram available or you will get a catastrophic failure error)
700MHZ CPU (In this case I was using a Intel Celeron 700mhz)
0.49kb per second upload speed(Ive heard it will go up to 6 or 7 slots before lagging ans spiking everyone’s ping to 999)

If you have atleast that you should be able to run a medium-fast Garry’s Mod dedicated server.
Remember not to have to many CPU intensive plugins or addons(Like Nukes or SOME admin plugins and gamemodes) The machine runs just fine on gm_construct! So do yourself a favor and recycle that old clunker in your closet and set it up as a server. :slight_smile:

–James (Doonbugie)

I hope this helps someone far out in cyberspace!

No offence, but hosting a 5 man server with 192 mbs of ram. Would be like running Windows XP on 128 mbs(really ass laggy). Thats only anough to host a 2 man server, 5 man needs atleast 512 mbs. Running a 192 mb system and a 5 man server = FAIL. Even with Win 2000.

Also celerons are weak as fuck… Dont try using celerons and low memory… Its a waste of time…

Please note he said run. Not run with 1 million props, nukes etc

5 slots with 192mb of ram on a tweaked installation of Win2k. Its pretty darn fast. but like haksword said. its not the most powerful server…
And for me the older celerons are pretty fast.

It will run, but to many props will crash it… Im just sayin get more ram if you want preformance.

Yeah, I mentioned that. I also noted Minimum requirements. Ill give a IP to the server later today(PST). It has 256mb of ram and a old celeron 700mhz.