Minimum requirements to play rust

hi ther i dont have a pc that will run rust but iv played abit on my laptop at 5fps lol and i was just wondering wot the minimum requirements were to play it? dont realy care about quality just smoth game play.
Or if some one can show me a cheap pc build that will run it. ok thanks all the best

It’s on Rust’s Steam Store page, exactly where it belongs.

I’m running on an Intel G2030 CPU and the on-chip graphics handle rust fine, once the right graphics options are turned on/off. Pretty much grass off, all the gfx. settings off, and render.level 0. I can actually have render.level 1, which is nice since then you get to enjoy the new water etc, and it’s playable but sometimes stutters. This is at 1280x1024x75, with 4GB RAM and nothing else too intensive going on the PC besides music.

You can get a G2030 for $70, a decent motherboard to put it in for $70-100, 4GB Corsair RAM (1600Mhz @ 1.5V) for $60, Thermaltake case/PSU combo for $80, and either use your existing drive or grab a Samsung 840 EVO (120GB SSD) for $105. All up less than $350 (or $250 with own drive), for a decent little machine that’ll do the job - and you can always throw in a $200-300 video card (or a $250 i5) later on when you can afford it (it’s what I’ll be doing). Board I’m using is an ASROCK Z77 Extreme4 or Z77-Pro4-M (one is mine, the other’s my girlfriend’s).

On render.level 0 and the other settings mentioned, the only time it stutters is when loading massive buildings, which is the case even on top-end builds, I believe.

Thanks dude.

Confirmed, I have a pretty decent build and still get slight stutters when I come within render distance of a gigantic player made base.

No worries :slight_smile:

Oh, and those are AUD I was quoting, so take off about 10% for USD :wink: