Minimum server specs needed?

I intend on opening a Garry’s Mod DarkRP Server using a Linux based server however I’m not sure what type of specifications are needed. We anticipate atleast thirty players will be on the opening, perhaps more. We will have a decent amount of addons.

Could someone please tell me the minimum specs I’ll need? If you could also provide a fairly priced server provider it would be much appreciated.


Depends what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for cheap Dedicated Servers there’s OVH, and others like them, but there’s very mixed reviews on them. For more stable provider, I use but you’ll pay for the stability / ‘peace of mind’.

More often then not, you need to set a price you’re willing to spend, and find something to suit your budget.

Would you reckon this could meet my needs?

OpenStack KVM
2 vCores
2.4 GHz
Local RAID 10

40GB SSD will hold you back as servers ( with addons ) can get very large.

The rest probably is ‘OK’, but then I’m not a hardware person.

To be honest, as long as you have okay specs, even budget ones, it won’t really matter. The largest impact is your host having a stable internet connection and network speed.

My dedicated servers specs aren’t great. The processor is a budget one, I get 16GB RAM, but I’ve never had an issue because Redstations network is solid. Most hosts offer stupidly good deals on hardware, but their network is so packed to milk as much money out of the boxes as possible, that you’d experience lag. has some insight on it. Just remember that if you have addons that it will mean more needed. I would suggest giving a server 10 to 20% more then it recommends.

NFO have great VPSes for Garry’s Mod, I recommend the two core version, it should be able to handle that just fine.

OVH Cloud VPS’es have better perfomance per core. This is important for SRCDS. However, it’s better to use 2 threads for 1 server (it doesn’t matter is this threads are real cores or Hyper-Threading ones), because SRCDS uses second thread for all networking. That means better stability and less connection problems. OVH Cloud 2 is perfect, but it is more expensive. NFO still uses Nehalem processors (Nehalem’s are bad in perf/core, this is important), and they have very, VERY high prices. I think that OVH SSD VPS 2 is good. Can I ask you, is your server oriented on your country, or it’s international? Because if you make GMOD server for your country, you need to get server in your country, because players will join on your server only if it will have low ping, or high players (that’s because international servers are popular).