minimum sys req for a darkrp server

whats the minimum sys req for a darkrp server

Depends how many people you want on the server, and what kind of bandwidth do you have?

i have 60 mb dl and 6 up
what is the max?

What do you want the maxplayers to be? (like 10 or 30)

32 what systeem do i need then

I use a netbook for my 26 man Dark RP server, thats like 1.9 GHz and 3 Gigs Ram with an epic connection speed. Your Bandwidth is good enough for Hosting. I would go out and get a Refurbished HP MediaCenter if I were you, When I used to host servers I had 3 Running the HLDS and HLSDS programs.

Graphics does not count for running a server, Despite what others might say. It makes no difference.

It’s all about the connection speed & the pentiums, baby.

i use a pentium 3 1.2ghz and its to slow

Intel Atom can run a pretty good server, so think about that, just don’t get a ripoff $99 netbook and think its the same. I mean a netbook that can play games itself.

oke ty but how mutch peple


but is the server multie core compatibel? for a atom n330 or d510

Pentium III :barf:


On a slower system like that you could probably get ~10-15 at most. DarkRP isn’t the greatest gamemode when it comes to it’s coding (but I hear it’s gotten better :frog: )

It might be better just to try it and get a bunch of friends together to do a “stress test”.

now i got a intel cleron 2.4 ghz dual core