Minimum time between chat messages.

As the tittle said. How much time must happen happen to send the next message? I mean, you say 2 things really fast in chat, and only appears first one. You must wait some time to say another one.

I would guess 0.5 sec or something like that.

ULX by default has a 0.5 second limit, however as far as I am aware, Source has “no limit”.

There must be an limit otherwise you could crash an player with that.

^ false. there could be a queue.

ULX’s default of 1.5 seconds is just a tiny bit longer than the regular Source limit, so I’d guess the Source limit is around 1 second.

I think it’s 0.8

I recorded it once when we had the chat sound clicker and measured the delay between the clicks. I’m not sure if it’s exactly 0.8 but that’s what I remember.

It’s 0.675 seconds.

[lua]if SERVER then

local lastchat = 0
hook.Add("PlayerSay" , "ChatTest" , function(p , t , ta , d)
	print(CurTime() - lastchat)
	lastchat = CurTime()
end )


hook.Add("CreateMove" , "ChatSpam" , function()
	RunConsoleCommand("say" , string.char(math.random(65 , 117),math.random(65 , 117),math.random(65 , 117),math.random(65 , 117),math.random(65 , 117),math.random(65 , 117)))
end )



Good. I’ve seted up to 0.7 and it works very good. Thank you for your help.