Mining Quarry & DDOS


Due to a bunch of Reddit post about french servers. I wonder what’s your opinion about two problems that players can often encounter.

  1. Mining Quarries are useful on weekly servers but monthly servers are actually unplayable due those quarries. People are staying a lot in their houses and get a huge advantage to stay near the airfield or dome with roof campers. The game was a lot funnier when everybody has to go out. If players want to have a full armored house or a huge house, they should play on a modded server.

  2. French servers with high pop got a lot of ddos problems. We have no proof about it but pay-2-win servers are ruining the game. Is there something that Garry could do to prevent it?

Apologize for any mistakes. I hadn’t written English since a long time.

  1. I totally agree Quarrys, Do make the game far to campy. We should be able to destroy them with tools.

  2. If a server admin gives the option to give the people “Pay to Win” option thats okay his server his rules. simply dont play on it.