Minions from despicable me 2

Im requesting a minion ragdoll from despicable me like these,

i think my friend already did that, but its a custom model.

Me and my friend are already working on it, I’ve only got the short 2 eyed one, but seeing how I got him in game it won’t be long for the other variations to follow. pick him up here if you want

Pretty impressive custom model!

…You think you and Prawn can make some Evil Minions (the purple ones) too or would that be too hard, what with all the hair?

Nice models! Thanks

Good model. … Just needs shaders and such on it so it isn’t that bright 24/7

They do have shaders, it might just be the map… as for purple minions, i’m not sure, since gmod is minus fur particles…

I worked on the purple minion overalls.
Who ever wants to finish the texture, be my guest.

I’ve got the variations made now, still gotta make the fat and evil one, but get them here same place

Maybe you can go the “transparent hair textures on flat panels” route for the Evil Minion hair.

the empty circle is where the M goes, as I said, I didn’t finish the texture, its up to who ever wants to finish it, though it sounds like there’s already a model for it with the texture, just needs ported.

Oops. Didn’t see that circle… I’ll take a crack at it, then. The M’s the only thing that’s missing, right?

You did a great job with the minions 1337!