Minor animation suggestion: Weapon interaction.


I’ve been playing alot of Counter Strike Global Offensive lately and i just cant stop pressing F in a match and for you who doesnt know what it is, it is weapon interaction.
Basically it activates an animation when you look on the weapon or better said, interact it.
This would really be awesome to be able to do inside of rust. Thats why im suggestion if you could add some kind of interaction of your weapons and maybe even tools, just that small animation added to the weapons so we can look on the weapons better, cause lets be honest, i could stare at this: http://imageshack.com/a/img713/6006/c3x8.png for hours honestly, the new weapons coming looks better and better for every weapon, just a small fun thing that would be cool if it could be added.

A image i took yesterday when i got 123 kills on my stattrak galil in CSGO and interacting it, http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/685967544705183756/BC426655188AB5D78B44ADA39B6AA06467B9F030/



It’s not really a necessary feature. If they add this I would like it to be after everything is fixed.

nope. just nope.

It’s true, it is just a small fun detail, i dont think it would take too long to animate either tho.

I like having a good first person feel in games; I guess this could add to it.