Minor bug reports collection

Hi everybody,

I opened this thread because I don’t want to open a seperate thread for each little bug.
Feel free to use my thread to report the bugs you found. Don’t post major bugs like exploits, dupes etc. please!

  1. Stacking
    If you craft something and cancel it, you can have stacks bigger than 1000.
    You can not only stack basic resources, even medical syringes, wooden spears and explosives work.

2)ragdolls of animals and players
problem: animal’s or player’s ragdolls can’t be looted if the fell downhill after dying. Looks like the place wher eyou can loot or gather depends more on the place where the death happened.
Also, for some players its unsynced. (e.g. corpses are on different positions for different players.)
proposal: freeze corpses 5 seconds after death, then sync it for all and generate the loot.

  1. Sphere Floor glitches / unsmoothness / running engine in general
    I walked the sphere a lot of times now. Once I fell down through the floor while crouching on the round top surface. First I got stuck in it for ~5sec and then I fell through.
    Now if you fall down inside the sphere, die inside the sphere and spawn there again, you’ll find your corpse below the sphere instead of inside, not being able to loot it. (Other players can loot them though)
    Also, even the smallest difference in height you’re trying to walk over can push you sideways a little (e.g. at the side of the sphere on the parkour) or even block you off like you were running against a wall. (at the metal floor below the collapsed pipe which is the way up)
    Proposal: Heights up to 20 cm should not be an obstacle for human feet. Make us run smoothly over those.