Minor distracting issue on dedicated server

First off, I’ve already tried removing any addons from the workshop that could be causing the problem, since I’ve removed ALL of them, and the issue still doesn’t fix itself. I tried asking the people at the company that owns my server, and they’re completely clueless. THey told me to post something here, so that’s what I’m going to do. The issue I’ve been having is that everyone else on my server has been seeing everyone else’s playermodels and physguns in the same color they have set for themselves. And it’s not just one other player, and it’s not just me. I’m not sure if maybe it’s an issue with my server, or the way GMod is installed on the server. I’d very much appreciate some help in fixing this matter, so that people don’t keep killing teammates accidentally during team deathmatches. Some other things I’ve tried are restarting the server, my machine, and reinstalling GMod all together. None of that works.

What gamemode do you run?


Reinstall your server with no addons; this does not happen in default sandbox.

Since I don’t actually have the server myself, I need to know exactly what you mean by "reinstall with no addons. I need to know EXACTLY what to tell the people at NFO, so they know what to do, because I seem to know more about Garry’s Mod than they do, which is not a good sign, because I know VERY little as it is. Does the server need to have the GAME reinstalled? Or should I just have them move all my data onto a new machine altogether?

NFO support has no idea what they’re talking about. There must be a way to reinstall it yourself.

I am sincerely grateful that you know what I’m talking about. And unfortunately, there is no way for me to reinstall it myself, because the server itself is at the NFO office in New York City. They told me that I’m not allowed to actually do ANYTHING with the server itself, and that they would have to do it. I guess they’re afraid I’ll do something to it that might make me want to sue them, which I can completely understand. And since they have no idea what they’re doing, I guess there’s no sense in beating a dead horse, right?

Just tell them “I want a fresh install of my server”, if they don’t know how to do that, then they shouldn’t be in the hosting business or NFO should really consider hiring support that’s experienced with server hosting.

thank you. they reinstalled the server, and i just have to set it up again. this is going to be annoying to do, but at least the issue is fixed right?