Minor gripe - new plane sound is WEAK

I know this is nitpicking and I’m venting a bit, but is anyone else as disappointed with the new plane sound as I am?

Originally, the plane was loud and sounded substantial. It genuinely sounded and FELT like a large 4 prop cargo plane. When that sucker flew overhead, the sound was almost deafening - much like what it would sound like to be under the flight path of a Herc (which I’ve experienced). With my 7.1 surround sound, it sounded incredible. The bass would just cause things to shake.

Since the last update, I’m rather disappointed that they replaced the sound. Now, it sounds like someone is flying by on a riding lawnmower vs a cargo plane. Even when it flies right overhead, there’s little feel of it being a large plane at close proximity. It can still be heard from a distance, and I can easily tell which direction it’s coming from with surround sound, but it sound weak and the sound definitely doesn’t match what it is. I can hear it, but can’t feel it. To me, this change kind of ruined some of the realism and immersion from the plane. IMO, it definitely wasn’t a change for the better.

Yeah, it does sound more like a lawnmower drive-by…

It’s actually the same sound still, it just felt massive because it was like 2x as loud as everything else in the game haha. I definitely want to give it more oomph when I redo that sound though :slight_smile:

Somehow, it sounds different and weaker. Not just in volume, but in actual tone. Perhaps it’s the filtering or equalization or something that’s blocking out low frequencies and just letting the more piercing high end through making it sound tinny and weak compared to before.

Looking forward to hearing it after your tweaks. The current lawnmower drive-by effect just isn’t cutting it.

I think the thin feeling is just a psychoacoustic effect of the volume being lower though, because the volume and high-end rolloff on the plane haven’t been changed at all. I just double checked it and the volume did actually get turned a bit lower than intended at some point though, so I just bumped that up a bit :slight_smile:

I guess we’ll have to see when the patch is rolled out. Thanks for this. It’s one of those little things that’s really unimportant to the gameplay, but does so much for the ambience.

I may be nitpicking too much, but a bit of Doppler shift on the plane’s sound would add to the realism as well. Just sayin’.