Minor Gripe

So recently they removed demolishing. This thread is not about demolishing but is something that is directly an effect of demolishing being removed.

I just got all the resources I needed to get a code lock. However, when I tried to upgrade the lock on the door it wouldn’t let me. Now I have to tear down the door with a god damn stone hatchet. This wouldn’t have been a problem before this patch because you could have simply just demolished the door. Now that demolishing is removed however this problem becomes apparent.

Just a simple fix really, allow us to upgrade our key lock to a code lock.

or you can just play in a modded server like mine with a /remove function just saying

But what if I don’t want to play in a modded server? What if I actually want to experience and test out the game like an alpha tester does?

And then maybe provide feedback on a forum that takes that suggestions about problems, glitches, and bugs to improve the game.

They really should add an upgrade function for the Key Lock. I guess we’ll just have to resort to far more careful building construction than usual.

I take the approach of building permanent bases only if I have the code lock Bp.

i agree with the idea of replacing a lock without having to demolish the door.

Same. I fully understand Garry’s decision to remove the demolish option, but it doesn’t make any sense to destroy your own door to upgrade a lock. You can upgrade walls without destroying it right? So why is this any different when upgrading a lock?

there is a problem with that too.
If you got raided, and the player access your cupboard, he can upgrade the door lock to access the door so he dosent need to c4 the door to access other parts of the house, and you will lose some parts of your own base since the code lock was placed and you dont know the code.

Even if to upgrade the lock you will need the key, the player raiding you may have killed you at this point and take the keys, so you get screw anyway.

So i thing we need better ideas for lock upgrades or someting.

sorry for my english… brazilian guy.

Simplest solution is to fix upgrading the locks instead of removing the door.

Good point but I’m sure that would be easy to deal with.

I recently upgraded my front door of my house in real life with a Code lock. Funny thing is, I didn’t have to break down or replace the door. I even got my key lock back out of the deal when I finished. I think the upgrade makes a lot of sense.

Good point too. And here comes the fix… You only be able to upgrade the lock if the door is open (like in real life).
Sometimes the best idea is the real life experience :slight_smile:

Upgrading and/or removing locks is coming, check out Rustafied (look for the section ‘Key corrections’):

Also from @rustupdates, helk has a ‘lockupgrades’ branch:

“not too much - @helkus (/main/lockupgrades)”