Minor HL2RP Problem

I recently tried to setup an HL2RP server with openaura (Yes, I BOUGHT it), after getting DDoS’d in the first 30 minutes the server was online I got my hoster to switch IPs and started setting everything up, everything is now working good except for one problem, whenever someone uses “/me”, it is global. Anyone know how to fix this?

Also, whenever I go into another HL2RP server they usually have a message written in large white letters on a wall, I’d like if anyone knows if this is a mod and could tell me what it’s called, or if theres a command?

Not to bash you for purchasing it, but… why would you buy a gamemode? (Especially something from Kuro)

The wall text comes with HL2RP and the /me issue might be related to the “chat radius” not including it for some reason.

If you actually bought the gamemode ask kuro to fix it for you on his forum.

Wanted to start an HL2RP server that wasn’t too serious with laid-back admins. Thanks a load, the radius for /me is way too far by default, also if you knew the command for walltext?

Unfortunately I do not know the command, since I’ve never used Kuro’s crap

The command is /textadd “text-here” “size-here”, and the code to remove is /textremove “text-here” “size-here” … I’m pretty sure I wrote those properly…
the sizes are numerical 1,2,3 etc…

Basically Krypton put something like this /textadd “I am a Krypton” 4

Don’t bump threads that are this old, it’s pretty much exactly half a year old. If he still had this problem, OP would bump it himself.

My bad bro