Minor Missing Texture Issue - GM_Skatepark_v2

I apologize if this post is a stupid question, or a waste of time, but I can’t seem to figure out a resolution.

I’m having an issue with missing textures on the benches, the bottom and wheels on the skateboards, and in reflections, on (as far as I can tell) only the map GM_Skatepark_v2. Normally I’d just use another map, but I wanted to do some poses with this one, so I’d like to get this resolved. I can post links to screenshots if that would help. I’ve made sure to mount every game I own in case the textures were from a different game, but no change.

I’ll gladly answer any questions if I’ve omitted any information needed to sort this out. Again, sorry if this is a dumb post…

It would be best if you posted some screens.

Here you go, not sure what the protocol is here for posting pictures, but hopefully I’m not breaking any rules by just posting the urls for the screencaps. Incidentally, I should sort of apologize for posting this thread in the first place. For some reason I was under the mistaken impression this map was part of the default maps that come with gmod… durr. Anyway, here are the screens. If nobody has any suggestions though I’ll just let the thread die as this probably isn’t something I should even have posted about here…

List of Source games you own?

Some textures may be coming from another source game.

That was my suspicion as well. My guess is the textures are from either the original Half Life, or the original CS. I do own these, but I haven’t installed them since I replaced my HDD recently, as they are on old CDs and not yet on my steam account. I’ll try to dig up the CDs tonight and see how it goes.

On an unrelated note, does anyone happen to know if this particular map can be edited? I’m too new to this to know exactly how to phrase my question, but basically, I really like some of the aspects of the map, but I’d like to play around with re-texturing some things, replacing some things, etc etc. If not, I can always just start from scratch on a new map, but just curious.

No chance. It has to be a source game if Gmod uses it.

You just need to decompile the bsp to a vmf and edit in hammer.

Hmm, well, I have the orange box, what else would be required to fill in whatever these missing textures are from?

EDIT: Hmm, now I’m a bit confused. Steam lists that I have Counter Strike: Source installed, but I’m not sure what game I purchased that it came with… In any case, I do have it according to steam…

RE-EDIT: I forgot, I did buy just the old HL2: Standard Retail a long time ago, prior to getting the full orange box on steam, so I guess thats how I got CS:S.

So I guess that leaves the possibilites as Half Life: Source, Half Life DM: Source, and DOD: Source.

Or maybe they are custom materials that werent included.

Turns out, you were exactly right. I actually just decompiled the map, removed the skateboards entirely (I didn’t need them) and replaced the textures that were missing. From the names of the missing textures, pretty clear they were custom textures that weren’t included with the map. I’m also working on a major tweak of the map itself. Turning it into a night map, retexturing some of the more bland or inappropriate textures, etc. I probably won’t release it as its still just a face-lift on someone elses work. The only reason I’m editing it is to make it more suitable for some screenshots I want to make.

Congratulations, then.

Heh, thanks, and thanks for all the help. Now the minor issue of… uh… completely learning how to build maps in hammer from the ground up. =P

Right now I’m stuck on trying to figure out how to load assets from all orange box games into a map, instead of just the ones from ep2/hl2

Be sure to check tutorials, we dont want another fullbright construct map with repetitive textures :wink:

Make a new Hammer configuration called “Garry’s Mod”. It MUST be on the Orange Box half of the SDK (so make it while in EP2 configuration), or it will fail.

In the FGDs section, load all of the FGD files in the Source SDK folder (minus DoD:S since you don’t own it), and go into your garrysmod/garrysmod folder and load the garrysmod.fgd file there.

LOL, don’t worry, I hold myself to a higher standard than that.

Hmm, I tried this, but when I to to select a world model for a static_prop, I still see none of the content from any other games available… not sure what I’m doing wrong…

…you’re naming the entity wrong :v:

It’s prop_static. But if you want the props to move (and not just stay in one exact position the whole damned time), go with prop_physics.

Doh, yeah I meant prop_static. I’m just using the entity tool to place a prop_static entity, then choosing the world model. In any case, the only things listed for the model are the same as they were before I made any changes to the game configuration/hammer configuration.