Minor Problem. entities.lua

DarkRP 2.5

My entities (printers and stuff) are working although the team restriction isn’t working for the single guns. I searched and couldn’t find a solution and couldn’t find one so that is what brings me here. How do I restrict what teams can buy these single weapons? ps: the shipment restriction is working - separate isn’t (single weps)

shipments.lua example ( so the shipment is available only to the m9k dealer although the separate entity version is available to all jobs to buy …

AddCustomShipment("Thompson Contender G2", {
    model = "models/weapons/w_g2_contender.mdl",
    entity = "m9k_contender",
    price = 6000,
    amount = 10,
    seperate = true,
    pricesep = 700,
    noship = false,
    allowed = {TEAM_M9K}

edit: is there some type of customcheck i need to input??

post your jobs file.

Here is the team portion which is what I suppose you need. In order too, all of which are under the default citizen team.

DarkRP 2.5

-snip- no point of this…

When I had my DarkRP server, seperate needed to be FALSE for shipments, and for singles you would keep it true and instead of 10 guns make it 1.

I don’t want my guns sold in boxes of 1…

Instead of a box, you could always change the model…

How do I change the model? I also need to have shipments still look like boxes and single entities look like single entities of guns.

model = “models/weapons/w_g2_contender.mdl”,

Change the model to a gun model for singles

Leave it the same for shipments.

does anyone wanna actually help me with this problem… only post if you actually know the solution… thanks.

I set gm.config.restrictbuypistol to true and this fixed the problem to restrict the single weapons to gun dealer. The problem is, the option to buy the gun is still in the f4 menu – when a player who is not a gun dealer clicks buy on the f4 menu it says /buy is restricted for this job. I want the guns out of the f4 menu in general. How can I do this?.. thanks in advanced.

The f4 menu tab code thing.