Minyak Uzbekistan, Man's diversion of Rivers and the wastelands left behind

Recently watched a documentary, “Earth a new wild” season 1 episode 5 titled “Water”, which goes into the consequences of dam building and river diversion for farming and people. The images of this place in Uzbekistan were quite stark and I think touching on this subject in Rust could be a realistic way to add deserts into the terrain (have old dams, dried up rivers and flat former riverbeds).

Aral Sea comparison, 1989 and 2014



Hey, maybe rust could even raise awareness to current environmental issues that for some reason mainstream media never seems to mention (because its not something that includes sex terrorism celebrities or violence)

This is also something that’s happening in the US, not many people know that nowadays the Colorado river doesn’t make it to the ocean (stops about 100 miles from it), but once a year they’ll let water out of the dam to flush out sediment. Informing myself of these issues makes me realize exactly why there are crazy environmentalists out there, this shit makes you angry!

Hey, that’s the Aral Sea right? It would be cool to have seas drying up in Rust.