Mipmaps, LOD, trilinear, anisotropic, please help!

I posted a while ago about having an issue whereby, ever since the release of csgo, my custom textures look horrendous in game, really blurry, they look fine in the editor, and this wasn’t happening during the beta, AND, when the map was loaded on my bf’s pc, the problem was not there. I have all my graphics settings set to higih.

Eventually I realised that it might be due to mipmaps created when I use the photoshop vtf exporter plugin. I changed the options to “mipmap OFF” “no level of detail” “trilinear” and “anisotropic” and this considerable improved the quality in game, but now I’m really confused. I don’t know which one helped or why. I always read people saying make sure mipmaps is turned ON which is contradictory, and so I need a better understanding of what turning it off and on does. Similarly, what is this “no level of detail” (it automatically gets checked when you turn mipmaps off in vtfedit so I’m assuming it has something to do with that, but I don’t like it doing stuff automaticaly to my textures and I want a better understanding incase I could make it better) The other 2 check boxes that I have been advised to check are tri linear and anisotropic, again, I have no idea what these do, but need to know more in depth because- what if there’s a dissadvantage to having these on in certain situations etc?

Also the question still remains. If the problem was to do with mip maps being enabled (it looks that way) then why did a) this make no difference on my bfs computer but was only blurry for me b) why did this problem only arise for me as soon as the game came out of beta c) how come it doesn’t effect the view inside of hammer?

I’d be really greatful if someone could explain in detail about these properties so that I can make my own judgement in the future as to what the best options are for the best quality textures. I now have to remake more than 70 textures exporting them differently because of this stupid thing.

Here is a pic of the difference between mine and bfs screen on the same bit of floor. Btw, when I changed the options of the vtf, the textures then appeared for me at exactly the same “quality” as his was all along.

Mip maps are a low res version of the texture which is rendered at range (don’t need super high detail if its a fair distance away). By not rendering the texture with mipmaps, you are basically telling the game to only use your hi res textures all the time.

Check advanced settings and make sure antistropic filtering (x16) is enabled.

LOD uses mip-maps to load lower-res / quality versions of the texture for those people who can’t handle full quality textures.
I’d also recommend using VTFedit instead of the old photoshop plugin.

Thanks glitchdavid so does this mean it would be impossible to have mip maps turned off but still have LOD turned on? And what about the other way around, with LOD turned off but mip maps on?

As for the trilinear and snisotropic, I’m confused about those because IMO that is to do with the hardware how can you assign those options to just a texture…

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and im pretty sure the options are in the vmt

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With VTFedit you should be able to check / uncheck each of those options.


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